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Business Law

Business Law

A set of services for businesses and entrepreneurs.

  1. Company incorporation

  2. Shareholder agreement

  3. Legal advice in business law

  4. Corporate update

Preliminary analysis 

You are starting a project or you want to structure your existing business, call on our experts to help you define the most appropriate legal status for your goals and your situation and avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes.

Legal form

Once the analysis has been made, the specialized notary will take care of directing you to one of the 5 legal statuses taking into account your assets, your type of business management, whether alone or with a partner and you explain the requirements for the appropriate status.


In order to put you in context, know that there are 5 families of corporate legal status in Quebec, here they are: 

  • The personal and individual business

  • The various types of companies

  • The stock company governed by federal law or the one created under the laws of Quebec

  • The franchise

  • The business operated in another form

Once the status is valid, the notary will launch the creation of your business, from document management to the creation of contracts such as a shareholder agreement or any other document necessary for the creation of your business.

Company taxation

Taxation is the backbone of your business, it sets up the management mode and longevity of your project. The experts and partners of the Luc Paquette law firm will assist you in the development of a tax strategy which will take into account 3 important points:

  • Capital gain

  • Estate freeze

  • Management of actions: purchase and sales

Corporate financing

Whether you are in a start-up, development or branch opening phase

What if an accident happens to you?


Accident / unforeseen

  • Incorporation

  • Commercial lease

  • Sale and purchase of business

Civil Law
Civil Law

Set of services related to sureties, also related to real estate law.


Whether you're thinking buying or   early your process, contact us to prepare your purchasing process.


The law firm Luc Paquette Notaire develops for you a conventional mortgage which can relate to an immovable property or to a movable property. The movable mortgage allows you to benefit from a loan at a better interest rate.

For example for a private lender in which case benefit from the mortgage action and the exercise of the dating clause?

  • Taking possession of the goods loaded to administer them.

  • The taking of the encumbered property in payment of the claim;

  • The sale of the collateral under judicial control; or

  • The sale of the collateral by the creditor.


When you sign a mortgage contract, the lender, who is often the bank, registers a right on your property. which gives him the right to seize your property in case of non-compliance with the terms of the loan.

Understanding your receipt is essential, call on our experts to avoid costly errors

Raised hand

Unlike a receipt, which is the act signed by the hand of a creditor, where the latter certifies having received all sums lent to him owed by his debtor, consequently revoking by the fact the guarantee of payment, release only has the effect of revoking the guarantee without certifying the perfect payment of the debt

Family law
Family Law

Life is rich in significant and significant events

Family law

Whether you are married or a de facto spouse, it is sometimes used to define the basis of the couple in order to evolve in harmony.

The marriage contract is an institution to be taken seriously. ask our expert advice.

Will / mandate of incapacity or power of attorney

No matter your age or your family situation, the will or power of attorney for example are just as important steps in your life in order to guarantee that your loved ones are not badly taken and that your goods are in good hands.

Estate settlement

Life is incredible, think about planning your estate to take care of those you love, make an appointment with our experts.

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